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?????DOSBOX????D.O.G. v1.52

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?????DOSBOX????D.O.G. v1.52??,??????????DOSBOX?????????,????,?????????,????,????,???/????????,??,????,?????????.??????:

QUOTE:* Fixed bug : Deleting a selected category does not result in a rebuild of the list.
* Fixed bug : Not saving of columns positions
* Fixed bug : White column when moving the Gamename column.
(Windows 2000 problem)
* Fixed bug : Short filenames included spaces.
* Fixed bug : When a profile is created trailing and leading spaces interfered with Windows listview.
* New feature : Drag and drop images to the profile list to use it as a background.
* New feature : Drag and drop executables to the profile list to add it as a profile.
* New feature : Drag and drop capability for the Exe and setup filename boxes in the profile manager.
* New feature : Extended state-saving, now includes :
- Selected profile in profile list
- Sorting position
- Category list visuals
- Selected Category
* New feature : Same name support for profiles.
* New feature : Name of conf file now gets the profilename in stead of the exename.
* New feature : Ability to select the columns you want to view.
??: D.O.G. v1.52




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